Venue Specs

Stage dimensions: 9’ deep x 12’ wide x 23.5” high

FOH Console: Allen Heath ML3000/32 VCA, monitors run from FOH

8 channels of Drawmer DL241 compressors

8 channels of Drawmer Gates

Yamaha SPX2000 reverb



FOH Speakers: EAW Audio designed Mackie HDA line array (2 per side) and Mackie HD 1801 (3 per side)

Xilica XD4080 digital processor

Monitors: EAW Audio Designed Mackie HD1221 wedges (6 wedges)

Mic Box w/ 8 Shure SM58, 8 Shure SM57, 2 Shure Beta 52, 4 Audio Technica condensors, and 4 Sennheiser E604 tom mics.

Lighting: Martin lighting Lightjockey2 controller, 8 Leviton Color punch LED fixtures. 4 Omnisistems JNR moving lights.